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Use modern web technologies to create your digital products and shape your digital future. Web and Cloud offers a flexible architecture that is easy to maintain with unlimited scalability.

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As your trusted partner we can help you innovate and architect your digital future. VISIARC has since its foundation created scalable digital products and services. We have built web applications covering most types, mastering the full-stack. — Design. Development. Maintanence.


Web Apps comes in many forms and types. The potential of Web technologies is vast. Below we showcase a handfull projects where web wizardry is a key component, being it using Augmented Reality, interactive maps or Precise CAD drawing and exploration, right in your favorite web browser on your device.


Responsive Web App

Tech Labs is a series of inspirational labs for young students in elementary or upper secondary school. The mobile first labs are really fun. At the same time the students get an understanding of the basic inner workings of different technologies and innovations. The labs are both practical and theoretical, on topics such as AI, AR, Digital Video och Telecommunications. The labs have been commissioned by the Linköping Science Park as part of an effort to make the coming generations more tech savvy, both boys and girls. Perhaps they choose a tech path preparing them for a digitally oriented career.


Tool/Data Driven Web App

Litterquitter is a project driven by Visual Sweden, in turn an initiative part of Linköping University. Litterquitter is a platform that allows people to anonymously log where and when they plog (pick litter) using the app. The data the app collects is stored in the cloud, and the web app enables visualisation, interaction and analysis of the data. The platform is for the moment a Proof-of-Concept, and works really well. Here you can check out and explore a data set interactively. The data is from last fall when the Swedish city Norrköping was plogged (Swedish only).


Utility/Portal Web App

Smartsearch is the most comprehensive search engine for the largest and fastest grown Learning management Platform, Canvas LMS. Smartsearch is a commercial app. Searching is predictive, intuitive and accessible, saving time for student and teachers every day.


Progressive Web App

Our Cad Viewer is a really fast, powerful and lightweight. The Web App allows users to view and explore CAD drawings effortlessly in their favorite web browser, without any plugin or download, a pure HTML 5 app. CAD Viewer is responsive and enables viewing on your favorite device, platform and browser, on any type of device. Although it can open or download lnked CAD drawings online, it also works well offline, and can even save and convert CAD drawings to PDF. Try it out here.

Architecture Web

Types of Web Apps

Web technologies are powerful. We can provide guidance and architecture, to choose the stack that best meets your requirements. The type guide below may provide some guidance:

Apps — Responsive Web Apps

A modern responsive web app or service reaches the widest possible audience and is easy to deploy and scale globally. Should your app require deeper platform integration we have a dedicated app team for native App Design and Development.

Dynamic/Data Driven/Tools

Never before has it been possible to create web apps that allows you to fetch data and integrate services from third parties as swiftly today. Modern web browsers enables sophisticated editing and authoring with modern drag and drop features, even drawing and interaction.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are apps that are even more sophisticated and may even enable you to work offline. Such has closed in on what used to be the territory of native apps and desktop apps (traditional software).

Portals/Dashboards/Management Web Apps

Fueled by the digitalisation of everything, both open and proprietary APIs and SDKs enable the creation of always updated live applications. Portals and dashboards are just two examples. You may let your customers self-manage. At the same time use the same technologies and APIs to manage your own service (backoffice).

IoT/Companion Web Apps

You may want to allow your customers to manage their account as well as possibly an entire fleet of IoTs. Web Apps may be the way once your customers IoTs that are connected to your cloud. Should you need an app to connect and interact directly with your IoT such as via Bluetooth, you may consider a native companion app. Should you need IoT firmware and FOTA expertise you may want to consult our IoT team.

Commerce & CMS Web Apps

Headless Commerce and CMS has come and is here to stay. Structure your constant at the backend and let a plethora of frontends fetch what they needs using a common API. You won't get more flexible and adaptable than this.

Our promise

Together we can help you shape your future —from proof of concepts to your future business.

No business is the other like, so is no project. But all alike the user experience is the key to any successful software service. Equally important is that is the front end or user touch point is based on quality backends. Design and tech go together. It makes all the difference.


Every design element from User Experience to Brand Guidelines need to cohere

We partner with our customers. We co-create and together shape your digital future, all the way from innovation, concept design, Minimum "Lovable" Products (MLP) to full-scale rollout.


The right architecture, software stack and quality app logic is key to success

Web app frontends and cloud backends means full-stack. However, no project is the other like. Some aspects are core and other are supportive. Many services such as commerce, marketing and services collecting data are ideal for a cloud architecture, where harvested data can be visualised, analysed, syndicated, shared via APIs and also be the base for AI model training. Web Apps are ideal for services such as portals, dashboards or management tools. For such backoffice use you may ialso want to integrate on-premise systems, and many times a hybrid cloud architecture is the way forward .

Web Technologies

We're agnostic and help you identify the best stack for you

Already 1993 one of VISIARC's co-founders, together with a friend, set up Sweden's first web site, the 10th first in the world. Ever since we've been on the forefront of web technologies. Today it's possible to create really snappy and sophisticated web apps and services. Some web technoologies that we use: HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript/JavaScript, React, Node.js, next.js, GraphQL, REST, AWS, CMS (Wordpress, Strapi and more), Docker, Prisma and Apollo.

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Customers we're proud to work with or have worked with over the years.

Customers we are proud to work with or have worked with over the years.