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Products — Apps, Components, Frameworks & Tools

Based on our experiences and know-how since the birth of the mobile app industry, we have created assets in terms of Components, Frameworks and Tools that enables us to create native quality apps faster. This is all integrated with our Continuous Integration platform. This process of converting human capital (expertise & know-how) into structural capital (software & systems) benefits our customers in our app projects. If you’re looking for a long-term partner to source design and development from, with a quality focus and product lifecycle perspective, VISIARC is a good match.

  • Components. VISIARC develops components that we re-use in different projects and license to our customers. In reality, these components enable us to create top-notch solid experiences in our projects, much faster.
  • Framework. Coffee — »Code Once Framework For Experiences Everywhere« — is our well-proven framework that enables us to design and develop native apps based on one design, one design and one code base. As well, it enables us to create these fluid experiences that we all today expect from quality apps. Coffee is all about code control and quality, created by and for developers.
  • Tool. Coffeemaker — is our »Design Once Experience Studio«, a visual declarative tool, that enables our designers to create stunning visual experiences without risk crashing the or slowing down the apps.
  • Continuous Integration (CI). Grinder — is our »Daily Build« system. Any shipping app or product is built with Grinder, securing product quality.

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Our experience paired with our unique competitive advantages in terms of smart tools and framework allows us to work multiple times more productively. In reality, this translates. We may halve your lifecycle app cost. Your Quality App. No duplicate code bases. No duplicate designs. No duplicate support lines. No duplicate maintenance and upgrade work.

Contact us, we let you get twice as much for your budget. In short, we have a way faster vehicle for your app-to-market.