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Smartdesigner for Canvas is an integrated Canvas application (LTI) that extends and offers a holistic design approach. Smartdesigner is a Instructional Design Management System (IDMS), that is a wide suite of design tools ranging from instructional/pedagogy (LX), visual and brand, user experience (UX), responsive/mobile and accessibility design. Modern drag-and-drop, no-code, WYSIWYG layout of designs in a manner that scales across an institution, easy for all users. The course content looks stunning and is rich, engages and inspires. This is a must see experience to understand the great impact it brings about, a game changer.

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Smartsearch™ for Canvas is an integrated Canvas application (LTI) that provides intuitive and the most extensive Canvas course searches for students, teachers, instructional designers, and admins.

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Duudle AI

Duudle AI a great fun drawing game where the AI guesses what you draw — while you are drawing. VISIARC has been working with Computer Vision in many projects and been training various types of AI (Machine Learning and in this case Deep Convolutional Neural Network, DL). When we trained the AI and tested we experienced how much fun we had. We felt that we need to share this so that everyone can have just as fun with Duudle AI too. Duudle AI also has many educational values, as you can use it to better understand what an AI is and how it "thinks", while you're having fun.

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CAD Viewer

CAD Viewer™ is a snappy, slick & intuitive viewing and interaction experience to view real CAD drawings online — hassle-free (that is without any browser plug-in) — optimized for both desktop and mobile web browsers (HTML5). Impress your coworkers and customers.

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