We’re an internationally multi-award-winning app and game studio

We started out in 2002 as one of the first pure app studios, as true mobile pioneers. Fast-forward and we’ve celebrated 15 years in the mobile industry, and now we’re an agile studio with width and depth — an app and web app full stack design and development partner. We’re passionate about creating fantastic snappy digital experiences for our customers. We create apps, web apps and games including underpinning infrastructure.

» Humbly,
we aim to wow
our customers. «


VISIARC offers app design & development



VISIARC stands for Vision. » Arc « means bridge. We build bridges from the present into the future together with our customers. This future is snappy, immersive, productive and pleasant experiences.


VISIARC also stands for Visualization. We bring stuff to life, we animate. » Arc «also means curve, (as in a segment of a circle or an ellipse). The arc is a key element for all animators, round elements and natural motion always moves along an arc. The arc is also an essential element for designers, architects and engineers.

VISIARC: Visualization, Vizualize!

Reference App

Web App VISIARC CAD Viewer pure web based snappy CAD Viewer (HTML5) — enables interaction with technical drawings directly in any web browser (mobile, tablet or desktop) — without any download or plugin. Demo Drawing above, Courtesy Sandvik Coromant

Some of our clients we’re proud to work with:

Why do our customers partner up with us?

Our Role – Companion & Partner. We provide guidance in a fast-changing and dynamic mobile world, critical insights for making the correct strategic decisions. It’s about digitalization of business processes and mobilization. We help companies and organisations mobilize one process at a time. We’ve also assisted numerous startups getting some air under their wings — and then — take-off. We’re and agile fast paced prototyping partner.


VISIARC Loves Quality Apps


eHealth & mHealth


Event & Resource Booking

Enterprise Mobility & Productivity

Games, Gamification & Serious Games

Internet of Things


Video & Communication

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