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VISIARC provides professional consulting services — custom app development, extensions or system integrations with Canvas.

Based on our experience of using Canvas APIs and developing LTI Modules we can also offer custom development services that caters for almost any need.

As a developer of a the most extensive search engine for Canvas on the market (Smartsearch LTI) means that we know how to access most content available and can deliver custom searches as to use in for example dashboardsreports or even to enable facilitating editing and administrating services. We may also be able to assist in connecting and integrating other systems. When feasible we try to develop the most mobile friendly experience possible, given the present Canvas architecture. Or, we may just provide advise and guidance.

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VISIARC is a Canvas partner and can help customize, expand or integrate other systems or products. VISIARC offers:

  • Custom App Development — Mobile Friendly
  • Extensions
  • Integrations
  • Consultancy — Advice & Guidance


Canvas apps can take many different forms. We have helped Canvas users to create portal pages, where information from many different places in Canvas is gathered in one place, and shows different information depending on what role you have. This type of app can also retrieve information from other systems. Apps can be based in whole or in part on the Canvas API and can be packaged and made available e.g. as an open standard LTI app. We have e.g. helped other companies integrate their products and make them available in Canvas LMS to their customers. All types of web applications can usually be integrated into Canvas.


Canvas can be customized and expanded using Canvas APIs. We are experts and have a good knowledge of these, which is not least shown in Smartsearch, the most complete search function for Canvas, which is based on Canvas APIs. Some things in Canvas can be difficult to implement as different things are scattered across the interface, leading to laborious workflows. Then e.g. development of different types of tools help to speed up and quality assure, automation or semi-automation that leads to fewer errors occurring due to human factor.


Communicating, retrieving or exporting data from or to other systems from Canvas is a recurring need that product owners of Canvas have where we can help. We have helped to integrate various aids such as schedules, users, teaching aids, etc. It may also be possible to develop your own dedicated APIs or use existing ones such as SS 12,000.

Canvas Consultancy

VISIARC is a Swedish company with Canvas expertise and we offers our customers professional services, both in Sweden and internationally. We help in the form of advise and consultation, with, among other things, reference implementations. In most projects, we design and develop the entire products, services or solutions for Canvas LMS.

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In the dynamic landscape of education, engagement, accessibility, consistency and coherence are paramount. Smartdesigner™ for Canvas LMS brings about a transformative system solution that empower educational leaders and instructors, a game changer when it comes to collaborative and scalable course content creation.

Imagine a permission based instructional design management system that bridges the gap between technology and pedagogy, a system that also enables non-technical educational leaders to craft impactful course content.

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