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Smartdesigner is an Instructional Design Management System — an entire suite of design and management tools. At a first glance, these are super-intuitive and enables creating quality instructional content that ticks all the boxes, incredibly fast, and in a team orchestrated fashion. On the deeper level, we'll show you how templates and tools can be tailored to fit your institution requirements and reflect the way you want to work, super flexible and very powerful. Book a live personal demo to get a quick overview and understanding. As well, get the opportunity to follow up with questions.Schedule a live demo to get an overview of Smartdesigner and the opportunity to ask questions.

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TrialYour institution — with your people and your courses

Smartdesigner as an Instructional Design Management System will empower your faculty and instructors to rapidly design visually appealing and engaging course content that aligns with the institution's branding. Smartdesigner allows institutions to create course materials that cater to diverse learning styles and needs, fostering an inclusive learning environment. This helps educators level up their teaching methods and deliver impactful elevated learning experiences, resulting in student success.

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» Smartdesigner is the design management system that has transformed our way of working. Our goal was to empower all colleagues within our organisation to easily create courses without HTML knowledge, and that is exactly what we have achieved. The intuitive interface has streamlined course development, allowing educators to focus on content without compromising on design. «

Pauline Van Neygen,

Learning Builder,

Vlerick Business School


In the dynamic landscape of education, engagement, accessibility, consistency and coherence are paramount. Smartdesigner™ for Canvas LMS brings about a transformative system solution that empower educational leaders and instructors, a game changer when it comes to collaborative and scalable course content creation. Imagine a permission based instructional design management system that bridges the gap between technology and pedagogy, a system that also enables non-technical educational leaders to craft impactful course content.

Smartdesigner is exactly that, a management system that includes an entire suite of innovative design tools, offering a no-code, drag-and-drop interface, empowering instructors to create inclusive, accessible and engaging content. With real-time visualisation (WYSIWYG) and in-place editing, content creation becomes efficient and intuitive. Custom components are quickly created and shared, ready to be used to create tailor-made content templates that can be shared institution-wide, that in turn may be used to create entire courses to be shared.

Avoid Challenges:

  • Avoid: Inconsistent Content Quality and Branding: The design system ensures creation of consistent, coherent, brand aligned quality content.
  • Avoid: Accessibility Non-Compliance, Exclusion & Fees: The tool offers easy and proactive accessibility scoring, spotting and practical guidance for instructors how to conform to accessibility standards. Make sure all content is responsive.
  • Avoid: Limited Engagement & Student Attrition. Make sure your Canvas content doesn't look dated, but rather looks stunning, contemporary and is both engaging and inspiring.

Institutions' unofficial, non-scalable and non-manageable fixing the problem is sharing of code snippets:

  • A technical approach that is error-prone (as most instructors can't code)
  • A haphazard fix that doesn't scale well and is
  • An attempt that lacks any means to enable, enforce or empower.

What institutions need — a holistic design approach — a collaborative instructional design management system solution, that scales and can be effectively implemented institutionwide.

» Smartdesigner empowers us to design Canvas content that minimize cognitive load for every learner. Using our shared as well as personal component libraries, we can recycle design elements to visually organize content in an engaging manner, applying signaling principles across all pages and courses etc. Smartdesigner allows us to create and reuse design templates ... facilitating comprehension of learning materials. «

Caria Bois

Instructional Designer & UDL Expert

Karolinska institutet, KI


GDPR Compliance. Smartdesigner is compliant with EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Smartdesigner process or store no personal data outside Canvas and only holds the information necessary to function as an LTI App, according to the open LTI standard.


WCAG 2.2. Content created with Smartdesigner can be made conformant with the accessibility standards under US GCA’s Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and WCAG 2.2. As well, content can be made conformant with the Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council. Smartdesigner actually has a built-in proactive accessibility tool that helps users find, educate and eliminate accessibility issues.

More info Read thSmartdesigner Accessibility Statement and WCAG 2.2 Conformance Report.


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VISIARC is an expert on Canvas LMS and how to utilise its interfaces (APIs), as well a specialist designer and developer of apps (LTI) for Canvas LMS.

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Smartsearch is the most extensive search tool for Canvas LMS. It offers always live and predictive search and is a time saver for educational leaders as well as for students. The perfect companion to Smartdesigner — As Smartsearch's innovative design enables searching of content the same second it's created, it offers an efficient tool for instructors to make sure they can navigate courses while being under construction and to make sure content is consistent.

The negative overall institutional impact of the absence of a search tool is multifaceted, affecting operations, student experiences, collaboration, compliance, institutional image, and the institution's ability to fulfil its educational mission.

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