Smartsearch™ for Canvas is

  • an integrated Canvas application (LTI) that provides
  • intuitive and the most extensive Canvas course searches
  • for students, teachers, instructional designers, and admins.

Key Feature Highlight

  • Intuitive. Modern predictive search architecture.
  • Secure. Uses the Canvas security and model. Secure by design.
  • Live. Newly published information is instantly searchable, (and deleted information unsearchable).

Smartsearch enables live and predictive course searches in

  • Announcements,
  • Assignments,
  • Calendar,
  • Course Syllabus,
  • Discussions,
  • Files,
  • Modules,
  • Module Sub-Headers,
  • Pages,
  • People,
  • Quizzes &
  • Submissions.

Instructure Partner

Free Wide Audience Trial Request

In the Wide Audience Trial teachers and students can try out Smartsearch in any course.

This requires an administrator of the Canvas instance to create a Developer Key.

Developer key “A developer key allows an application to request access to a user’s information. In all cases, the user must authorize the application to act on his/her behalf. If the user authorizes an app, Canvas generates an API token and securely responds to a request from the external application with the generated token. The app can then store that token and use it to perform the information requests that it has access to.”

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Free Personal Trial Request

In the Personal Trial a teacher can try out Smartsearch in their own course.

This requires providing a personal Canvas API Token .

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