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Recurring points

on the agenda,

things we

discuss with

our customers

There are things we’ve been discussing with our customers for 15 years. The trends and fads are plentiful. There is a lot happening in the dynamic mobile industry. Recurring points on the agenda:

  • Digital Era. Corporate Identity & Branding? How do we get it all to align?
  • Mobile & Digital Business Models. Digitalization & Business Transformation. Mobilization? Monetization? How do we make money? For what and how do we charge? Products versus services?
  • App Architecture. Native, Hybrid and/or Web App? Reach who? We need a quality app. Do we have the budget? Did we include all parts of the app lifecycle cost? From initial design and development through launch to support, maintenance and upgrades? Don’t underestimate maintenance.
  • Incentives & Joy. Gamification, Serious Games & Gaming? How do we spice up the experience? Surprising? Exciting? At least delightful and a humble wow. Any proven gamification mechanisms to apply?
  • Inclusive Design. All ages, all types of smartphones, tablets and computers, all screen sizes, etc — for a start, not to mention special needs and requirements as color blindness, dry fingers, poor eye sight and hearing … How can we address this kind of complexity?
  • New Times, New Deals. Mobile Only or Mobile First? Maybe you already reach groups that never have or will use a computer, such as children or adults in developing countries? Target? Less and less time is spent on desktop and more and more users are moving away from the desktop and moving to mobile devices. Your customers?
  • Project Philosophy. Rapid Prototyping. Agile Development. How do we deliver maximum value in time and within budget?


eHealth & mHealth


Event & Resource Booking

Enterprise Mobility & Productivity

Quality Apps = ID + UX + CODE

VISIARC is a complete app design & developer partner. Quality Apps rest on three pillars. Likewise, these three fundamental pillars represent VISIARC’s services.

  • ID. We work strategically with identity and brand building. We make sure our apps and mobile solutions deliver. We help our customers keep their brand promises. We may assist as a brand strategy design consultancy. We often help our customers developing concepts and design identity and branding programs for both products and services. Just as often we support our customer’s lead digital or brand agency develop their existing brands.
  • UX. We design mobile experiences that delight, facilitate and inspire. Intuitive and clear interfaces guide and ease. Well-designed experiences are the key to happy users — that is successful quality apps, mobile services and digitalized processes.
  • CODE. We code on all levels. On the high app logic level, we create snappy and fluid experiences. On the low level, we may code close to the hardware to accelerate or speed up resource heavy processes, for example for effects or data crunching. Rarely in an app project it’s all about the app, but rather involves scalable service design and architecture where we develop cloud based services and protocols. We have designed, developed, scaled and run mobile services on a global basis, from enterprise productivity apps to games.

Typical VISIARC app project in
    7 steps

Concept Phase

Ideation & Co-Creation

Scope Definition. Prestudies & Research. Workshops. Co-creation. Personas. Effect Studies. Distillation: Essence Identification = End Goal. Anchoring.

Conceptualization: Graphic & UX Design

Graphic Design. UX Design. Appflows. Wireframes. Lo-fi sketches (sometimes). Hi-fi sketches. UX Specification: graphical & interactive.

Rapid Prototyping

In the concept phase, we typically go for a »Minimally-Viable-Prototype«. The focus is key views and flows. Demo, the key to successful sales pitching and anchoring. Iterative process: pilots and field tests on the target groups in this phase. Unique Premium Offer. Already in this phase we have fully functional (native) apps for all relevant platforms (typically Android and iOS) and forms factors (usually both smartphones and tablets).

Realization Phase

Development & Realization

Coding. Testing. Quality Assurance. Project Management and Agile Projects with daily scrum meetings, sprints, backlogs, automated nightly app builds, continuous deliveries etc. Software-as-a-Service. Clouds. Security & Strong Encryption. Protocols.

Launch, Deployment & Monetization

The Quality App is born. Ready for app store publishing. Production of marketing prom0 material as screenshots and videos. Approval. Reviews. Ratings. Feedback. The app meets the reality, its users. The customers’ votes are in.

Support & Maintenance Phase

Continuous Support & Maintenance

Feedback and support. 1st and 2nd line support. Feedback. Follow-up. Apple and Google release on average 10 major or minor releases every year. Each release may cause problems to your app. Continuous testing, fixes and maintenance releases are required to not let user experience and ratings start sliding. Don’t forget to budget up for change, i.e. maintenance.


New features. Improvements and/or overhauls. Iterate. Remain on top of things.

VISIARC has a unique position as an app studio. We deliver quality custom apps for all relevant platforms, at a fraction of the cost. And time. The reason is because we have superefficient powerful tools and frameworks we’ve been honing since the dawn of the mobile app industry, 15 years ago. Our focus is mobile app experiences. For premium app experiences the indisputable choice is a native app. There are many cases yet where a web or hybrid app is right. In most projects — we deliver both.

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