Coding Once is Rewarding

We specialize in quality native apps. Fast prototyping and cutting app development time in half means we can help more clients. This is thanks to our framework and tools. Our cutting edge framework is cross-platform and allows us to code just once and deliver a first-class quality experience everywhere - that is for all mobile platforms and screens. We call it – Code Once Framework For Experiences Everywhere – Coffee. Native app development for all target platforms in one go, propels our customers' projects, saves at least half the cost and minimizes time-to-market. The efficiency means we can fully concentrate on the User Experience (UX), not being bogged down by technicalities, maintenance or duplication of workload.


Our Coffee framework maximize the hardware to accelerate and create fluid user experiences, native apps that are always responsive. That's the hallmark of a quality app. On top of it we have developed a visual tool — Coffeemaker — a studio for rapid cross-platform and cross-screen size/format app development. The visual Coffeemaker tool is designed for (UX) designers and separates the interface and app logic from hard-core speed optimized native code.

Cut the App Lifetime Cost in Half

Our customers have high demands. We make quality native app development achievable. If you're curious how this all works and how your project may benefit, contact us.

Customers range from enterprises to helping start-ups getting off the ground. We've been involved in projects crossing most app store categories from enterprise, tools, productivity to children, education and games. The key to success is strict focus on the user experience.

An Anecdote

Early on we asked ourselves, could we develop a commercial-grade quality app in a week for multiple platforms. So we did. During this week the Young Rembrandt cross-platform children's coloring book was born and was soon made available on both Apple App Store and Google Play, now also an award-winning app. (Coffee and Coffeemaker has now matured substantially. We plan to soon release another cross-platform native app, that'll expose more of Coffee's and Coffeemaker's capabilities.)

Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play

Our Business Model

We mix client commissioned apps with in-house titles and productions. We take app development seriously. Likely, so do you. The bar has been raised for what a quality app is. A poor app may even produce badwill. Maintaining and further developing multiple code bases for multiple platforms is a growing concern for many. Working with us is rewarding:

  • Experience is everything. Your app will look great, be super responsive and even more importantly, we can bring a consistent experience to all platforms, your brand experience.
  • Minimized time-to-market. Our code once Coffee framework and sophisticated high-level Coffeemaker app studio enables us to prototype fast and go-to-market faster than ever before.
  • At a fraction of the cost. The best part last. We can help you develop a quality app fast - for all platforms. One common code base means one team, not one team per platform. Example: Let's say we target three platforms natively: iOS, Android and a web app (HTML 5). Traditionally this means one code base for each: Objective C, Java and HTML/CSS/JavaScript respectively. This also means three times the cost to code, to support, to maintain, to document, to add a new feature to etc. We can simply cut the total app lifecycle cost of ownership to a fraction. Simply divide by the number of platforms you want to target.
  • Rapid prototyping. Start small and fast. We can deliver a working hi-fi prototype fast. With your app in your hand you can get a feeling of the full user experience, unlike a static "mock-up". We then can iterate and finetune. The result, the typical decision support that you need before launching the full-scale realization of your app vision.
This means together we can strictly focus on the user and your brand experience. This is good business for you - which is a good business model for us.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome back - or learn a little more what we've done before we started brewing coffee, below.

Awards, Recognitions & History

Award visiarc. We've been mobile first pioneers since the incorporation in spring 2002. Our first commercial smartphone app with a cloud based back-end, we released in the fall the same year.

Ever since our team has been successful and lucky to receive quite a long row of fine awards and industry recognitions. We're still the reigning world champs, as winners of the biggest cash prize ever won in a Hackathon. A select list of awards and recognitions follows (many received for our popular and innovative Mobile Documents service, now discontinued):

  • Amazon App Award-Winner at Mobile World Congress 2014.
  • Hackathon at Nokia World 2011. Grand Prize Winner, for our fun social game Duudle.
  • Red Herring Hot 100 Europe 2011. Winner. Red Herring's prestigious award.
  • MUST-HAVE APP OF THE YEAR 2010. Winner in the business and productivity category, by Nokia users worldwide, the popular vote.
  • GigaOM MOBILIZE 2010 LaunchPad. Finalist with Mobile Documents.
  • DEMOspring 2010. VISIARC was selected to demonstrate and launch at demo in Palm Desert, usa. View our »DEMO« demo.
  • Metro Tech Challenge 2009. Nominee, Startup of the Year.
  • QPrize 2009. European Finalist/Global Semifinalist, with Mobile Documents.
  • Nobel's Innovation Prize 2009. Finalist/Regional Winner, CREATE Prize.
  • MOBILE RULES! 2008. Runner-up, in enterprise category. Arranged by Nokia & Red Herring.
  • UIQ Open 2008. Winner, Enterprise…
  • … and so it continues.
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